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Container Ship

Azure International

Experience gained over the years in handling various commodities gives us the ability and confidence in designing tailor-made solutions to suit each customer’s requirements.


We offer our clients unmatched quality of service in the following areas, while constantly seeking to widen our scope:

Multimodal Transport Operations​

Ocean Forwarding

Air Shipments

Rail & Road transportation

Consolidation & Warehouse Management

Customs clearing & ICD services

Shipping & Forwarding

Cargo Ship at the Port

Taking it wherever you want, cost-effectively…


Be  it  sea  or  multi-modal  transport,  we  can  arrange  very  competitive  freight  forwarding  for shipments from USA to various destinations/origins  (and vice-versa) as well as cross-trades.

Cargo Handling

Warehouse Shelves

Whether your handling needs are simple or complex, we have a solution…


Our professionally trained staff is amply equipped with electric and diesel forklifts, reach trucks, hand pallet trucks, strapping machines, mobile ramps, dock levellers, weighing machines, stretch- wrapping machines etc. to meet a variety of handling requirements. Additional and/or specialized equipment is hired from sub-contractors as and when required.


Our handling expertise includes:

  • Receiving of cargo, containerized and conventional

  • Transportation into our facility

  • De-stuffing, sorting, segregating and taking in-store

  • Stock administration

  • Consolidating for shipment

  • Loading/stuffing for delivery

  • Export/Re-export by land, air or sea

Surveying & Sampling 

Going Over Data

Thorough throughout…


We have qualified and experienced Master Mariners undertaking scrupulous cargo and ship surveys to ensure a smooth execution of sale/purchase agreements and validation of claims.


We are also competent to provide sampling and testing services, for which our principals rely on us.


Upon request, we also arrange insurance surveys through major international insurance companies.


Loading Boxes in teh Truck

For the quality conscious…


We offer sifting, cleaning, drying and processing of spices and other soft commodities.

Value added services

Shipping Containers

Adding value with an edge…


We seek to enhance our contribution further with various value-added services such as:


  1. Sorting and segregation
  2. Re-conditioning

  3. Hand assembly, stretch wrapping

  4. Consolidation

  5. Cross docking

  6. Palletization, marking and assembly


In our constant endeavour to service all logistics-related needs of our clients, we always look out for proactive ways to add to our competencies.


Truck and Warehouse

To give your product the utmost care and optimal storage is our specialty…


With over 100,000 square feet of warehousing capacity in the Newark Port Terminal, we have designated areas for storage of a wide range of cargo, including:

  • Open yard

  • Covered sheds with and without racking (selective, drive-in, double-deep) units

  • Cool store, capable of maintaining a temperature of about 20O Celsius

  • Hazardous chemicals store – ambient and temperature controlled

Inventory Management

Warehouse Workers

Impeccable administration…


The warehouse floor space/material management is governed by a unique lot-number system, which leads to a natural segregation of the material between lots/clients facilitating precision in delivery.


The storage area is clearly marked-out to form ‘storage-bins’. At the time of receiving, the bin numbers are allocated to each SKU and recorded to facilitate effortless retrieval.


In addition, through our fully computerized and integrated Warehouse Management System / E- Freight system we have bolstered our operations with the ability to report on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis, thereby enhancing tracking and control.


Mover Packing

Always for you – To suit your requirements…


Over the years we have developed an expertise in various kinds of packaging services whether primary (protective, storage and transportation) or secondary (promotional, sales etc.). To bring-in economies of scale, our clients ship their merchandise in bulk and entrust us with packing jobs.


Our packaging services include:


  • Package modification

  • Stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping

  • Pick, pack, labelling

  • Promotional packs

  • Multi-packs


Workers at Their Computers

Save your company from the hassles…


With a dedicated documentation & customs-clearance department, we provide our clients with documentation and customs-clearance services all under one roof. Electronic interfacing with the Customs and online processing ensures speedy completion of the customs documentation process thereby cutting down on the cycle time.

Last, but not least

Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets

Dedicated and highly competent logistics’ industry professionals backed up by professionally trained and industrious staff.

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